Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holding Me

I came to the end of my rope and cried out, "Lord, what do I do now?"

And He answered.....

"Let go. I am already holding you."

Imagoism Thursday # 40 [End of the Rope]
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Are you worn out from holding yourself up? 

Or are you resting in the Hands that are already holding you?

"He reached down from on high and took hold of me..." Psalm 18:16


Carol J. Alexander said...

This is beautiful, Wendy. Thanks for sharing it.

April said...

Be still and know I am Lord. Praise your name!

Wendy said...

Thank you Carol.

Amen April.


Sheila said...

Such a simple concept but so difficult to do sometimes. God tells us that he is able to do more than we could even imagine.

I think the key is to lay it down every morning when you get up & if during the day you pick it back up, listen to that voice that tells you that problem doesn't belong to you anymore.

God sees the whole story, we only see a few pages at a time.

Wendy said...

Jesus said we our faith should be like that of a child...simple, trusting and uncomplicated. How much time do I waste making it harder than it has to be? Too much. Simply believe.

Q said...

I saw this yesterday - thank you . . . I SO needed this reminder!

Wendy said...

Me too, Q. Me too.

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