Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pigs, Planners and Planes

As if I weren't a busy enough woman already, life has really ratcheted up a notch these past couple of weeks. If I had the talent, I'd write a country/western song about it.

"She's a homeschoolin', home-makin',
Gun-totin', tiller-pushin',
Crop plantin', chicken raisin',
Homesteadin' girrrrrrl....."

See what I mean? Busy, right? But that's not all! Now we're getting ready to add these little critters...

No need to adjust your screen. You're seeing that right...we're getting pigs. Little black piggies. Five of 'em. (You can read more about them here on the farm blog.)  Aren't they cute?

I just wanna scratch behind its little ear, ya know?

(Personally, just between you and me...I hope they don't stay that cute. I can't imagine putting something that adorable in my freezer. Seriously, I've already warned hubby that I will NOT be home on butchering day. The chickens were bad enough.)

So we've been in overdrive getting the pig-barn finished and fencing in the paddock. On top of that, I've re-evaluated our homeschool curricula and made a few changes there. And then there are all the seedlings waiting to be transplanted into the gardens, the greenhouse we're about to build, and another barn section to renovate for housing the Jersey cow we're about to buy (and who do you think's going to get up before dawn to milk the thing, hmmm?)

Lucky for me, I've got this:

Yep, I finally made my own planner. I'm going to make a video post about it soon so you can see how I've incorporated attractiveness and functionality into the pages.  (I knew that whatever I came up with would have to be pretty for me to want to use it, and this fits the bill.  I love it!)

But all that will have to wait until I get back from another visit to Kansas.

No rest for the weary, huh?


Mrs. Stam said...

they are adorable, just want to cuddle them, I had no problem with our chicken, so maybe we are ready for pigs too (I mean butchering those poor thing, I just did it knowing they were going to be our food for a while)you have to do what you have to do I guess :-)

Nice song BTW :-)

punkinmama said...

I haven't been online much in the past week or so (or maybe longer)... hope all is okay back in Kansas. Have a safe trip! And fill me in sometime.

Shawntele said...

I hope you are enjoying your time with your Dad...those little critters are cute and I will be certain to not show my youngest the pics. I expect she may ask for one of her own! lol

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