Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seven and Three are Magic Numbers

My excellent Twitter and Homeschool Lounge friend Shawntele decided to tag me in a Seven Things (Almost) Nobody Knows About Me meme.  Guess that means it's time to spill the beans about myself.  Let's see...what things don't you already know about me?

1.  I very, very rarely wear jewelry (beyond my wedding and engagement ring).  It's been so long since I wore earrings, the holes have closed.

2.  I'm extremely chicken about trying my hand at new skills.  My husband bought me a sewing machine three years ago, and I've still never used it.  (I really need to get over that!)

3.  I'm very competitive, but I've learned how to lose graciously.  (Being a Chiefs fan will do that to you.) 

4.  I was accepted and offered scholarships to five different colleges, but never went to a single one.

5.  I taught myself to read music and play piano at age four, but I can not improvise.

6.  I also know how to play the trumpet, though I haven't touched one since high school.

7.  I love jazz, especially the older stuff like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Vince Guaraldi (the guy that did the "Peanuts" music.)  My all-time favorite is a man most people don't recognize by name but know the words to a lot of his songs. His name is Bob Dorough, and he wrote a bunch of songs like this:

Do you recognize him now? Were you singing along? And did you learn anything new about me?


Shawntele said...

I was off on my guess huh? It is amazing to me that you taught yourself music but won't get that sewing machine out. What's up with that? My motto for my goals this month has been JUST DO IT - care to join me?

Mrs. Stam said...

wow you taught yourself music!!!!

Irritable Mother said...

Hmmm. I don't recognize Bob, and I didn't know the words to sing along. But I was tapping my toes! ;o)

And I'm with Shawntele - you taught yourself music but are afraid of the sewing machine??? Yes. You need to get over that. *wink*

Wendy said...

Shawntele - Definitely!

Mrs. Stam - Yep! :)

IM - *sheepish grin* Yes, ma'am. ;)

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