Friday, October 29, 2010

Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween

Yes, I'm one of those "weird" moms that doesn't dress her kids up for Halloween. But before you go writing me off as just another one of those "over-zealous, legalistic, uber-Christian homeschool moms denying her children of innocent fun" let me explain.

I simply don't want to raise my children with the idea that it's okay to pretend to be someone you're not and then go around extorting innocent people with the threat of doing something bad to them if they don't give you what you want.

It sounds too much like the life of a politician to me, and I want my children to be better than that.

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Stam House said...

Amen, love this post! We do the same :-)

Crazed Nitwit said...

Hey, I hear ya.

Qtpies7 said...

Rock on! We don't participate, either. And have even refused "harvest fests" that allow dressing up and do typical halloween activities.
We avoid Santa and all the other holiday icons because we don't lie to our children. I don't want them to ever feel that since Santa isn't real, we might be lying about Jesus. But we still have all the fun of Christmas! They don't miss it.

Shawntele said...

Interesting take on Halloween, I have never heard it stated like that before. Off to track you down on twitter now! lol

Joyfull said...

Love it!!! Simple, heartfelt and very relevant!!!

Petula said...

I don't celebrate Halloween either. My oldest daughter seemed very understanding of the reason and I bought her a book that explained the reasons why. My "new generation" of children seem much more concerned with what everyone else is doing so that's an ongoing conversation with them. Great post.

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