Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happiness is...

...talking ninety words a minute because we're so excited to be together.

...laughing at the dinner table with all my children.

...late-night messages on Facebook.

...seeing the beautiful woman you've become.

...accepting the differences in our lives without judgment.




...missing you.

...looking forward to your next visit.

...having a place in your life.

...having a place in your heart.

Dedicated with love to my beautiful Rachel...all grown up but forever my baby girl.


Stam House said...

this is a sweet post! love it!

Angela said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

Crazed Nitwit said...

HOORAY! Sounds and looks great. I'm happy for you.

punkinmama said...

Beautiful, wonderful, lovely post.

Irritable Mother said...

My beautiful girl is growing up. But I'm not ready for that.
I can totally see myself writing something like this for her one day.

Joyfull said...

So sweet! What a beautiful blessing. Thank you for your kind comment over At the Well today! Many blessings to you.

Petula said...

I love this post because it reminds me of my oldest baby. Anna, the youngest, asked me if Amber is a kid. I said, "No she's an adult now" and in my head I said, "and still my baby." I'm so proud of my baby too... they do make you feel good, don't they?

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