Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like Ma Ingalls....With a Crock-Pot

Like a lot of moms I know, I try to have a menu plan in place for a week (or two if I'm really on my game) to at least have an idea of what to set out each morning for dinner that night. This week, though, I slacked off and didn't write down a thing. But really, can you blame me? I'm not the most creative cook in the world (that would be my friend Marye...fabulous stuff there!) and after six straight weeks of temps in the 90+ range, I'm getting a little bored with my usual don't-use-the-oven fare of pasta, stir-fry, and "breakfast for dinner".

So today while I was kicking myself for not having planned ahead again browsing through my cookbooks, my husband came in and unwittingly provided the answer.

"Hey honey, I had to kill an extra chicken. Do you want to use it tonight, or should I put it in the freezer?"

Yes, these are the sorts of things I'm coming to expect to hear from my husband now.

You see, back in May we bought a small flock of roasters specifically to sell for meat, and while "processing an order" today, one of the silly little cluckers got its wing broken. And since my husband is determined to only provide high-quality goods, it would never do to sell a chicken with a broken wing (regardless of the fact that the customer was his own mother who never uses the wings anyway).

Did you ever see the movie "Cold Mountain"? I'm reminded of the scene where Nicole Kidman was being terrorized by a rooster and Bridget Jones comes up, casually wrings the bird's neck and says, "Let's put 'em in a pot."

Seriously, if you'd come up to me five years ago and said, "Wendy, someday you're going to be cooking animals that were running around in your yard half an hour earlier," I would've backed away slowly while looking for an object to defend myself with. But here I am, plucking the feathers out of tonight's dinner.

Lord help me when we start raising pigs.


alicia said...

Do you kill them yourself? I haven't seen the movie yet. But I'm always trying to figure out dinner. And my weekly plans aren't that great these days.

Wendy said...

I could, but so far my husband's been the one wielding the hatchet. (I think he enjoys being in touch with his "hunter/gatherer" side.) I'm sure that once we get past summer I'll get back in the swing but for now the heat has melted my brains too much to plan ahead.

Rebecca said...

I am still sitting here amazed! Suddenly I want my own chickens!

Wendy said...

Despite the work involved, which isn't really all that hard, they're actually a lot of fun to have (and the eggs are a huge plus, too!)

punkinmama said...

I've *never* had a week of meals planned.

And I can't imagine ever cooking my own chicken... I think the Home Owner's Association frowns on chickens in the backyard! ;)

You're amazing!

Petula said...

That's some interesting life, huh? I've always thought I'd like to live on a farm or somewhere in the country to raise animals and take care of them - uh, temporarily - just to have the experience. There has to be some satisfaction in hand-raised animals and such. Very cool.

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