Monday, June 7, 2010

To Join or Not To Join?

I was in town shopping a couple of days ago, and ran into a woman I used to work with. (Yes, dear readers, I was not always the happy-to-be-home, barefoot mom you see before you. Once upon a time, believe it or not, I used to be a three-pots-of-coffee-a-day, five-inch-stilettos-with-a-charcoal-grey-pencil-skirt-wearing, everyone-comes-to-me-for-the-answers, business woman. Sometimes, I really miss those high heels.) It was so nice to see this dear friend, and I would've loved to get caught up with her (I've given birth twice since I saw her last!) but there was no time for either of us.

Hastily, she asked, "Are you on Facebook?"
"No, are you on Twitter?"
"No. You need to get on Facebook, girl!"

And the truth is, I've been thinking about it. She's not the first person that's asked me to join Facebook, and I'm getting the feeling that she might not be the last. I see people talking about it all the time, and I'll admit that I am a little curious. But let's face the facts...between blogs, our farm website, couponing, bookkeeping, homeschool and Twitter, I'm spending a guilt-inducing amount of time on the computer as it is (and I still don't feel like I do enough....I certainly don't get to go around visiting my blog friends as much as I'd like, that's for sure!)

So, I'm asking all of you that are already on Facebook. Is it worth jumping into, or just another time-waster? What do you get out of it? What's so great (and not-so-great) about it? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have to say about it. Thanks!


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I am on Facebook but don't use it as much as Twitter. Mainly for staying in contact w/ people I know "in real life." (Although, I do friend bloggers that I want to meet!) It can be a big time waster, but it is what you make of it. I also link my blog there and usually get a couple of clicks per blog post. My blog and Twitter are the main forms of communication for me.

I say, get on FB. Be selected about who you friend, and don't let it suck you in! (It's a necessary evil!)

MissMom2U said...

I use my FB to keep up with friends and family and to reconnect with old friends. I have all the games and most of the apps blocked to avoid being tempted by them!

punkinmama said...

It can take as much time as you want it to or allow it to.

My advice if you don't want to get "sucked in": 1) hide and/or block applications/games/time wasters - I can help you with that once you get on, 2) only be friends with those you really want to connect with - not just someone you think you might remember from high school. It seems like so many people just try to rack up the most # of friends - but then you're left with a bunch of comments/updates that you don't care about. Don't be afraid to "ignore" friend requests. 3) Turn off "chat" unless you really have time to message back & forth with anyone at that time.

I'm sure there's more, but I say DO IT! :)

Mama Hen said...

I have to agree with you. Where is the time? I am on Facebook, but I can't remember the last time I looked at it. I try to out a lot into my blog and I always respond to all of my followers who comment. Plus I like to visit other wonderful bloggers. This all takes yo lots of time. So I guess we have to pick and choose what is most important to us. By the way, that is great that you do not use pesticides on your farm. I can imagine that a farm takes up most of your time. Nice to meet you. I look forward to future posts.

Mama Hen

Petula said...

I like FB. It took me awhile to join. I don't get on there a lot then there are days when I use it to goof off (watch what people are saying, look at friend's pictures, post on their walls). I don't play any of the games, but I may take a quiz now and then. What I like about it is that I've reconnected with some people (family and high school friends) that I don't think I would have ever found otherwise. I use it to network also, which was my original reason. But I have found the connections - even as sparsely as I do it - have proved wonderful.

I also made a vow to myself not to let it be another guilty-Internet-pleasure. :-)

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

I know you've heard that saying, "FB is for the people you went to high school with, twitter is the people you WISH you went to high school with."
I prefer my twitter.
I do keep up with distant family on facebook, but I would miss my twitter much much more if both were to disappear.

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