Friday, May 28, 2010

Stylin' A New Look

As you can see, my blog is sportin' a whole new look. I'm so excited! Major, MAJOR thanks to my good friend Stefany at To Be Thode for the amazing job she's done...adding a third column, a signature, even a favicon! (It's a bare cute is that!)

I still think I might have a few more tweaks ahead (I know I need to add some info pages...maybe a button...perhaps a more curly-cursive font?) but I'd love to know what you think of it so far.

And please, take a minute to tell Stefany (on Twitter here, her blog here, or Facebook here) what a lovely person she is for doing this. She did this for free, just to help out a Twitter friend.

Thank you, Stefany!!!


MissMom2U said...

Wow, your page looks great and what a nice friend! I'm still trippin my way through the internet learning how to do all this!

Angela said...

Congratulations Wendy! Fiona drew your blog out of the hat for Blog of the Week over on Blog Mommas! She was super excited about it too.

I think the new look on your blog looks great and just in time too! Isn't that cool!?

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