Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breaking Out of Our Shells


A few weeks ago, we decided to start incubating some eggs and propigating the flock. We started with twenty-five eggs, and after culling out any that weren't fertilized or stopped showing signs of progress a week or so ago, we were left with seventeen possible chicks.

Yesterday, some of the eggs started cracking. I shot this video around midnight, just before heading to bed.

My husband was the lucky dog that actually got to witness the first egg hatch around 3:30 this morning. We're being very cautious not to let any new babies get a chill. We kept the chick in the incubator for several hours, so its feather would dry out, before moving it to the temporary chick home. We've waited patiently for so long now, it would be heartbreaking to accidentally kill any now by exposing them to air when they're still wet.

Hubby may have been the first one to witness a hatching, but guess who the new chick is bonding with?

Did I ever tell you I'm also known as "The Chicken Whisperer"? *wink*


Prasti said...

wow! that is amazingly cool. what a great learning opportunity for the kids too.

Petula said...

That's so amazing! (I read your profile snippet - how wonderful!) Thanks for letting me hear the chicks chirping inside their eggs. Oh so very super cool!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

So much fun! My mom grew up on a farm and has lots of chicken stories to share. Including when she fell off the back of the pickup after looking at the baby chicks they were going to sell, and then she was RUN OVER by the truck! She was fine, but it's a great story. :-)

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