Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes, I'm Obsessed


I tried and tried to think of something else to post about today, but since I am "that loser who's obsessed with Lost", I'm going to share another Top Ten about the greatest show ever.

Top Ten Questions I Hope Get Answered Before The Show Ends

1. What is the purpose of the survivors on the island? (We're reasonably sure that those particular people crashing on the island was more than just coincidence, right? So, why are they there?)

2. Who are Jacob and his nemesis (aka Man in Black)? (How old are they? Where did they come from? How can they live without coffee?!?!)

3. Who is actually good, and who's evil? (I have to wonder this, because the writers of Lost are just twisted enough to put a bad guy in a white shirt just to mess with our minds, know what I mean?)

4. What is MIB's problem with ash? (Seriously, he's powerful enough to be a smoke monster AND a fake Locke, but he can't go across some ash? What's up with that?)

5. Where does Desmond really fit in to all of this anyway? (Besides being in love with Widmore's daughter. And fun to look at, of course.)

6. Is Claire dead or alive? (What I really wonder is how Kate fed Aaron after they left the island, but I know I'll never get an answer to that.)

7. Will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy ever get together?

Oops. Sorry, I've been watching Pride and Prejudice in the afternoon while nursing the baby.

7. Is Aaron supposed to be some kind of savior of the world? Is Walt? Is Vincent???

8. What's the deal with Jack's father? (For a dead guy, he sure gets around!)

9. Is there any significance to Charlie's "DS" ring? (Or was that just a coy way of acknowledging Dominic Monaghan's "Lord of the Rings" background?)

And finally, the question I MOST want the answer to:

10. Will we get to see Sawyer without his shirt on again??????



Anonymous said...

This is how bad I am, I still have 5 episodes from LAST season to watch off of my Tivo!! So, pardon me for not "really reading" your post because I don't want to spoil it!! Hopefully I'll be catching up this weekend!

PS: I do like the photo of Sawyer though!

Blondie said...

I have no answers...OhAmanda and my hubs are my only source of LOST info. Maybe I'll watch it myself one day...

Muthering Heights said...

I'm really just confused at this point, so I hope they wrap it all up!!

Wendy said...

Krista - You MUST catch up! There's so much good stuff in those last five episodes. Get on it! ;)

Blondie - Or you could watch this 5 minute recap of seasons 1-5 and get in the loop...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a6Lybcps4w (And it's funny, too!)

MH - But being confused is what's so fun about it! ;)

oh amanda said...

LOL! Love your list! I'm too tired to "answer" your questions, tho'.

I hadn't thought about the ash question before you said it tho'---what IS up with that?!

(oh, and Charlie's ring? DRIVE SHAFT. That's the name of his band.)


Rebecca said...

I'm thinking that Jack's dad was also "claimed"... maybe...

Christina said...

I came across your blog via 5 minutes for mom and I had to comment of this post. I am definitely Lost obsessed. I live here in Hawaii but have never been to the season premiere, but my daughters friend have and they got to meet some of these guys this year. Also (Jack) hangs out at the Kailua Jamba Juice.

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Love your Claire question. Well the feeding of Aaron part. Ha!
And the P&P interruption, well now I know that you are a woman I can get along with. Colin Firth in the wet shirt? Is that what distracted you? Hmmmm?

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