Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Love of My Life

From the moment I met you I knew
You would be the love of my life.
You came to me when I was in despair
And mended my broken heart.
You have patiently loved me through good times and bad
And made me whole.
You have brought meaning to my life
And purpose in all I do.
From the moment I rise to the moment I lie down again
I am always thinking of you.
I cherish the words you speak to me
The letters you've given over the years.
I cannot read them often enough.
They draw me closer to you.
I love to share my hopes and dreams with you
In our quiet moments together.
My worries, my doubts, even my fears
I cannot hide anything from you.
You bring peace to my troubled mind with just a word.
If only I had found you in my younger days
But I'm so thankful to have you now.
I cannot imagine a single day without you.
I am eternally yours.
My Jesus, you will forever be
The love of my life.


punkinmama said...


Wendy said...

Thanks. It was on my heart, know what I mean?

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