Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Thought About It

My husband is home, enjoying a rare day off, which means I get a semi-day off. With the four oldest children (so hard to think of a 2-year old and a 4-year old as being part of the "oldest"!) working outside with Daddy, and Mary amusing herself beside me, I have an unknown amount of time, more or less, to myself.

What on earth should I do?!?

Well, I thought about it. Hmmmm...

I thought about how I could take Mary into the living room with me and get some laundry folded.


I thought about getting busy organizing our newly-designated office (formerly the Big Girls' bedroom).

Ummm, no.

I thought about ignoring the mess, sitting down at my desk and trying to come up with a new post for my blog.

And I actually started to, but then I thought about it.

I thought about what a beautiful day it was outside. Surely there won't be too many more of these to take advantage of, even if we do live in the South.

I thought about the fun I could be having with my family, instead of holing up inside being a computer geek.

I thought about which I'd rather have, "me" time or "us" time.

And I thought about the fact that, though I see my children every day, how often do I get a chance to actually watch them?

Because, let's face it, they don't stay little for long.


Muthering Heights said...

Whan JOrdan is home, I alwasy choose "us" time over "me" time's so much better that way!! :D

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

sometimes "us" time is better than "me" time. Although I do occasionally need "me" time, most of the time I would choose family time together.

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