Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Don't Usually Do This...

I don't usually blog about giveaways, but for a chance to win a laptop? Yeah, I'm blogging about it.

MomSpark is holding a giveaway for an HP Pavilion dm3 laptop. Can you say "Merry Christmas!"?

What would happen if I defied the odds and actually won it? Oh my...

I'd be able to put some real time into this blog.

I'd be able to visit and comment on other blogs.

I could connect more with other moms.

I could find a sense of community, and my place in it.

I could stop feeling so completely cut-off and alone living way out here in the boonies.

I could help my husband turn our dreams of a home-based business into a reality.

And I could do it all from the comfort of my living room floor, in my pajamas, while I'm playing with the little ones. ;)

So if you want to crush my dreams, go ahead and enter to win it yourself. And then come back here, look my children in the eyes and you explain why Mommy's crying her eyes out.

1 comment:

casual friday every day said...

Hopefully you'll win!

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