Monday, September 7, 2009

You Know You're Getting Old When...

...your daughter says, "Let's listen to some oldies!" and puts on an 80s cd.

...the child you were pregnant with when Blue's Clues first debuted is now in puberty. have friends on Twitter that were born the year you graduated high school.

...staying up til 3am is no longer "cool".

...neither is four hours of sleep.


marye said... hear your high school class the grocery store
...Your grandchildren are in school
...The "oldie" movie you are watching is a remake of the "oldie" you remember
...The outfit you loved when you were 17 is featured in this months Vogue
...AARP sends you mail...weekly
...You find the same dish that you got for a wedding an antique store.
...The dishes you use for everyday are a "retired" vintage pattern

Muthering Heights said...

80's = Oldies??? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

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