Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today, I Pledge...

Today, I pledge to hang up my cape and not be SuperWoman.

I will not:
Create, look at, or even think about a to-do list.
Fret about the mess in my house.
Worry about our budget.
Run myself ragged trying to do forty chores in one day.
Feel bad that I can't whip up a nutritious, frugal, gourmet meal for six in thirty minutes or less.
Beat myself up for being an imperfect, flawed human being.
Fuss at my children for being imperfect, flawed human beings.

I will:
Relax and enjoy the moment.
Laugh at silly things.
Remember that I'd rather have my home be messy and happy than neat and boring.
Thank my husband for being such a hard-working man.
Thank God for blessing me with a family that loves me and friends that understand.

Today, I pledge to hang up my cape and just be ME.

How about you?


Amanda said...

Well, seeing how you just had a baby (congratulations!), you are definitely off the hook! LOL

I need to take that pledge too.

Miranda said...

I need to take this pledge!! Today has been a rough one. Thanks for posting. I agree you are guilt free for the next year at least! NEW BABIES are great for that!

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