Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

Do you believe that positive thinking can make a difference? I didn't used to believe that. It always seemed like some kind of pop-psych nonsense to me, but I'm starting to change my mind.

Case in point, our new home. Well before we were married, hubby and I used to talk and dream about the home we wanted to have some day. We always wanted a farm, not too big or too small, with a beautiful, preferably two-story, plantation-style house. As the years passed, that dream felt more and more distant to me, but Eric never stopped believing that we'd have it someday. Five years later, here we are. Three acres of good land, and a two-story plantation house with some interesting history for my Civil War buff husband. (Apparently, General Sherman actually marched through our front yard, and one of the original owners' slaves killed a Union soldier that tried to set him free. Neat stuff, huh?)

What I'm wondering now is, how much can positive thinking effect my chances of having the baby on the due date I have in mind? Here's why I'm wondering...

With my first pregnancy, the doctor set my due date for September 19th, but in my mind the baby wasn't going to come until the 26th. No matter what anyone said, I was adamant, and doggone if that child didn't arrive exactly when I said she would.

With baby #2, I said she'd come on the 19th, and even though I was having mild contractions that day, the doctor decided to have me induced because I was so far past his due date he was afraid my placenta was "getting old". I never quite understood that, but I was still young enough and uninformed enough to believe that doctors know better than I do. I ended up being induced with #3 as well, which was ironic considering that the doctor didn't even expect me to make it to term with that one.

With baby #4, I decided on a homebirth with a midwife, and that's when I finally started to learn that my instincts are good, and my body really does know what it's doing. Under a doctor's care, I never would've been allowed to travel back to Kansas City to see my mother one last time before she passed away, since I would've been "so close to my due date". My midwife, however, had complete confidence in my ability to judge how I was feeling, and understood that my mental state was just as important as my physical state. I made the trip and shared some precious last moments with my mom. My perfectly healthy son was born at home 16 days after she passed, just about the time I was expecting to have him.

With baby #5, no one believed I'd make it to June before giving birth. "There's no way you'll go that're so huge already!" Yeah, thanks, just what every pregnant woman wants to hear. But my mind was stuck on the fact that my baby would absolutely not be born in May, but sometime the first week of June. And June 4th it was.

Okay, so I only got the first one dead-on accurate. But with that first one, I didn't say, "I'm due on the 26th." I said, "The baby will come on the 26th." Did it make a difference? Maybe, maybe not.

I really, really want this baby to be born July 31st. I'm concentrating hard on that date, only six short weeks from now. We'll see what happens.

Forty-two days and counting.


kountrydoc said...

Come on 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Thanks sweetheart! (K)

Crazed Mom said...

Hmm good luck with that. I never felt that strongly about due dates. #1 was 3 days late, #2 was 10 days early and #3 was 5 days early according to midwife's cals but pretty much on time since I knew when I conceived. With the first two I went through major nesting a day before labor. That did not happen the third time.

I am sure you'll be overjoyed whenever the little beastie shows up. :) HUGZ

Wendy said...

Oh yeah, I'll definitely be ecstatic when Baby decides to debut. I guess really I'm just shooting for not going "overdue" as usual. I've been joking how nice it would be to finally have one child that understands the value of punctuality. LOL

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

I will send positive vibes your way! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! I have been snooping around and really like your bog ... I too had my first three children in the hospital and last three at home!!!

Keep up the positive thinking!!!

warmfuzzies said...

Go 31st!!! I am due Aug 5 but I know I will have the baby in mid to end of July. I was accurate with the first 2 as well so i know this will happen with this one. You will too!

Hey, how did your daughter like the Arbonne I sent to you that you won? Just curious. I never heard back from you. :D

Wendy said...

Thanks Amy, hope to see you here again!

Warmfuzzies, sorry I didn't let you know it came. It's been crazy hectic here lately. To let you know, we love it...thanks again!

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