Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting In Touch With My Crunchy Self

I've got a confession to make. I've never been the most ecologically-minded person in the world. Not that I'm some kind of uncaring litterbug or anything. I saw too many of those commercials with the Indian chief crying when I was a kid to do something like that. But I've never thought much about recycling and stuff like that, beyond buying some really cool reusable grocery bags that is, because trash is trash, it goes in the trash, the trashman takes it away and that's that. At least, that's how it used to be.

Living out here in the country has been opening my eyes and changing my mind to a few things. How much we waste as a family, how much we put out as waste, is becoming a big deal to me. I guess the fact that, to get rid of our trash, I have to actually take it to a recycling center myself makes a big difference. Out here, no one conveniently comes by at 4am while I'm sleeping and empties the can for me. I have to put it in the back of my van (ewww) and take it there myself.

Have you ever been to a recycling center? I hadn't. Seeing all those trailers broken down into different categories has really gotten to me. I feel guilty for all the empty plastic milk jugs I've tossed that I could've separated out from my household trash. I talked to hubby about it, and we're going to get some more containers so I can start separating.

But my mind hasn't stopped there. I was already planning on using cloth diapers with this baby...it just makes so much more sense to me now, and I only wish I'd done it sooner. The shocker is, I'm seriously starting to think about using cloth pads, too. Surprised? I am. I swear, I'm either turning into some kind of granola-crunchy-clean livin' woman, or I'm channeling an 1800s pioneer woman from a past life. (I swear, the fact that we rented "Frontier House" from Netflix has nothing to do with it, either!)

The fact is, I was searching around on Etsy for baby slings and cloth diapers when I came across some cloth pads. And they were cute! All different colors and patterns, you know? And I've always been a sucker for pretty, feminine underthings, even if no one else will ever see them. Though I don't think I'll be asking hubby's opinion on this subject. We can talk about most anything, but pads? I'm thinking not.

So, any thoughts, opinions or advice on this? Don't be shy, I'd really appreciate getting some feedback on this. And I promise, I won't let hubby read the comments on this one. It'll just be between us ladies.

Updated to add: My good friend Marye has shared this link with me regarding cloth pads. Great information, if you're interested (like me). Thanks Marye!

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gina said...

Hmm.. sound cute but a. what's the absorbancy/leak protection factor and b. how long would they STAY cute- we all have undies "for that time of month" for a reason. Just my thoughts...

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