Friday, May 29, 2009

The Five-Mile Neighborhood

Moving from city or suburb to rural country is definitely a huge adjustment. Most people will tell you that the biggest thing a housewife would have to get used to when making such a move is being isolated from neighbors. But this is me we're talking about, and you know I have to do everything different, right?

I've had a lot of different addresses in my life, and of all the places I've lived I can honestly say that I've never had much relationship with neighbors, even when they lived just on the other side of the wall. But from the first week we've lived here, we've gotten to know not just the neighbors up the road, but people that live within a five-mile radius of our house. Seems everyone's eager to make aquaintances with the new folks that moved into the old plantation house. And they've all, without exception, been some of the friendliest, most eager-to-help people I've ever met.

It was even more overwhelming the first time we went to church. On our first Sunday, I think about half the congregation introduced theirselves to us. We were so surrounded, in fact, that the pastor couldn't even make his way through the crowd to shake our hands.

But the biggest shock came last week when I got home from my bi-weekly grocery trip and found two ladies from church waiting at my house for me. My first thought was, "Ah, here it comes, the pitch to join the church." Boy, was I wrong. Their sole reason for stopping by was...are you ready for this? ask if they could throw a baby shower for me!

I tell you, I almost started crying. It was just so sweet, I was speechless for about a full minute.

Once I pulled myself together, I said, "But you don't even know me!" To which they replied, "Oh, we know you. You're one of us!"

And no, they didn't mean it in a Stepford-y kind of way.

I've always been a shy, reclusive person. I've never made friends easily. But who would've guessed that moving out to the country, where I can't even see my neighbor's house, would put me squarely in the middle of such a close-knit, loving community?

With neighbors like these, I think I can overlook the bugs.

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Birdie said...

Wow - you're blessed! Looks like you'll feel right at hoe in every way there.

I've got the bugs but not the friendly neighbors. I guess maybe they're nicer where you're from *L*
The area we live in is kind of notorious with a mysteriously shady past. A few decades ago, people wouldn't drive through here at night for fear of being caught somehow and used as bait in crab pots. Things have changed but the people aren't all neighborly. Maybe that's got something to do with the way people are here.

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