Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Waited Months For This

I love feeling the baby kick. It's easily my favorite thing about being pregnant. Most of the time, so far, I've only been able to enjoy feeling the baby kicking late at night or early in the morning when I first wake up. I lie in bed, hands on stomach, savoring the feel of every nudge and wiggle from this tiny little life inside me. It's my own private quiet time for baby and me and I look forward to every day.

What's my second favorite thing about pregnancy? When Daddy finally gets to feel the baby move. And it finally happened last night! I loved seeing that joyful smile spread across my husband's face.

Normally it takes weeks of playing "catch me if you can" before he gets to feel that thump against his hand. I'm sure that's what hubby was expecting last night when I let him know the baby was moving. But instead of spending twenty or so minutes in silent anticipation, this child couldn't wait to "say hi" to Daddy by giving him an unmistakable nudge right away.

Life is so blissfully sweet right now. I'm loving every minute of it.

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