Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Technical Stuff

I'm in the process of fixing some technical issues with this blog, namely getting my Feedburner subscribers from my old blog moved over here. If you originally subscribed to "Barefoot in the Kitchen" because you wanted recipes and aren't particularly interested in me blathering on about being pregnant and raising the kidlets, I'll understand if you unsubscribe.

However, if you DO decide to continue following my life, please come to my page and re-subscribe because I'm changing my feed information after this post.

And I promise to throw in some recipes occasionally, too. Thanks!


gina said...

love your layout- it's so pretty.

elexisb said...

hey! why did you tell me you're back?! I saw a comment on Gina's page. Congrats on the new baby!!!! How fun :)

DidiLyn said...

I love your new look. Great to hear from you again, Wendy!

My Wonderful Men said...

I love the new look too. Hope you get everything worked out. I'll be back.

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