Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Smooth Start To Any Day

With all the delicious fresh fruit available during summer (not to mention mornings that start with temperatures in the seventies...ewwww!), my girls and I are getting into experimenting with varieties of smoothies. And since I was awake enough this morning to remember to take pictures, here is today's version.

We started with one cup of yogurt. (Most people will go with plain, but I like vanilla myself.)

In the blender it goes!

We added one cup of fresh blueberries...

...a splash of milk...

...a good drizzle of honey, to sweeten it...

...and some ice.

Hey, wait! We forgot the banana!

There, that's better!

Looks like we're all set to me.

Go, baby, go!

But after the initial taste, we thought it was missing something.
So, we added some orange juice.

Just look at that swirling vortex of goodness....

And for the finishing touch....we served it up in fun, fruit-decorated glassware!

Mmmmmm...so good!

And the best part? Waking up tomorrow and trying some more flavors. Mango and strawberry anyone?


gina said...

looks yummy! I need to replace my broken blender!

My Wonderful Men said...


gina said...

That's funny to see this post up still because guess what we did at the beginning of December? Yup, bought a new blender and we've been experimenting with smoothie flavors almost daily since then... even though it 's below freezing outside. :)

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